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You own a server of your own? Post it here ONLY! DO NOT create a new topic reguarding it.

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Only ONE post per person in this section. I will delete any access posts made. You can post one server here that you own. If you own multiple servers, then choose one of them and post them here. I don't mind. Post your website in the same place you post your server--only one post. You are not to make comments about servers belonging to anyone in this place. The only three things that are allowed in this spot are a server IP, Website if you wish, and a single introduction. Anything else will be removed.

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2 PapergamesEntertainment Minecraft Server on Mon Feb 17, 2014 7:47 pm



This server offers PVP, griefing, battle arena, free stuff anytime you want it I have a place you can go to get free stuff, no shops just free stuff, its a huge server, with lots to look at and lots of places to explore, and anyone can be OP, MOD, or ADMIN if they prove themselves worthy to me by completing my obstical course. creative and survival mode both are on this server.

3 My new Server IP is updated on Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:00 pm


the new IP is


gamelover85 here... also known as Sparku on Tera Rising the online MMO....


Note: If U were a previous user, your builds were left untouched... everything is still there. I may not have that world loaded however...

Free Op to anyone who beats my Op course


I am looking for honest and trustworthy staff. Fill in ur application I promise I will at least consider u
I am interested in loyal long-term members who prove their dedication to this server. Nobody is on it yet but me. If U wish, U could be one more user to help this community grow. I'm new, but have done this for a long time before. Ran out of fun ds had to close the server down for a bit... lost my population that way. Good news now is, I have a free static IP now so no further worries about funds.

Server has
parkour (hardest U will ever see)
I have a world used for griefing if U wish to grief
Hardcore (upon request)
Mob arena

Mostly this server is for socializing, though. Other bonuses are for mere optional delight. I am not ur average owner of a server and will do things much differently then any other. Everything I do is intentional. Just use your imagination. I may even crash my own server to annoy any loser, and see who really is loyal to my cause (wink) I can be a bit of a jack*** though. I am very nice to my members though--ones who prove loyal to my server.

Please read your server guide for rules and further info upon first login.

The IP again is:

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